Our aim

Career counsellors and coaches are the key to providing job opportunities and increasing the chances of labour market integration. ACCEnT aims to support career counsellors, guidance practitioners and coaches working with “hard-to-reach groups” through an innovative online learning environment. The intention of the ACCEnT online seminar is to enable practitioners to facilitate the integration of hard-to-reach groups into the labour market.

Our target group

Career counsellors, guidance practitioners and coaches working with hard-to-reach groups such as people who are long-term unemployed, people who are migrants, those not in employment, education or training, early school leavers, people who have refugee status and those who are seeking asylum.

What you can learn here

Improve your knowledge of hard-to-reach groups

Develop target group specific counselling & coaching skills

Increase your Intercultural Competences

Benefit from using e-Tools in the process of counselling & coaching

Get in Touch

If you are interested in more information, please send an e-mail to info@accent-project.eu or make use of our contact form.